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Storm Damage Clean Up

Dangerous storms and high winds can sweep through your area creating disastrous hazards. These hazards such as fallen trees and broken limbs should be examined and taken care of by professionals. We can assist you with our services of trimming or removing trees as necessary or simply come in and clean-up branches and debris left on your property from a passing storm.

All trees pose a risk, some more than others. Risk management entails the property owner or manager deciding what level of risk is acceptable. The arborist can assist risk and make recommendations on several services we could provide...


Pruning is a necessary part of the cultivation of woody plants. In most cases trimming is of a corrective or preventative nature. The aim for most trees and shrubs in particular is to manage growth so that light penetrates all the way through the canopy and to prune out dead and diseased wood. Sometimes, with rhododendrons for example, all that is needed is the systematic removal of seed heads or fruits.

Pruning involves much more than simply cutting off limbs or running electric shears over a bush. Correct pruning gives a plant grace and beauty. A well pruned plant improves most surroundings and helps provide a restful scene for mind and eye, but a mutilated tree or shrub is depressing and, in a modern urban setting, may be seen by thousands.

Pruning Involves the following:

    • Removal of dead or diseased branches
    • Removal of crowded or crossing limbs
    • Slowing and/or redirecting growth
    • Increasing light penetration and air circulation
    • Managing for pedestrian or vehicular traffic

Cavity Work

A cavity is a large opening or aggravating factor in a tree. Treatment options for cavities and hollows are limited. Past practices involved removing the decayed wood and filling the cavity with various rigid fillers. Yet now, it is recommended after much study that it is better to leave the cavity alone. Removal of decayed wood from a cavity has little effect. If the tree is not growing vigorously and the cavity is severe, the tree may need to be removed or reduced significantly in size.

Tree/Stump Removal

Stump grinding is an efficient and quick way to remove unwanted and unsightly stumps on your property. The stump would be ground down 4 – 8 inches under grade level. A pile of grindings will be raked into the stump area and left. Yet, upon request, we also offer additional services as 1) remove stump grindings, 2) replenishing area with fresh soil and seed or 3) evenly spreading woodchips / mulch over stump area.

Get rid of those lawn obstacles, and give your yard that fresh cleaned-up look you’ve always wanted!


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